Established in 2014 in the UAE with offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, NRI Family Office is an independent, partner-owned Multi Family Office. We are proud of our team and our global network of dedicated business partners, who provide timely and discreet services to our clients.

We have learned from our clients that while many people listen, few people understand and only a handful are able to implement solutions and take appropriate action. We are committed to going the extra mile and making things happen for families.

NRI Family Office’s dedicated team and partners help families to achieve their goals.

 We strive to create an open working environment that inspires our staff to create superior results.

The global financial industry is changing rapidly. We look ahead and prepare for the future. At the same time, NRI Family Office is a responsible and reliable employer and business partner.

For UHNWI clients, we offer long-term, personal financial services.

Multi Family Office is a top-level financial service, whereby an investment and trust management system is created for an individual family, conserving and multiplying their capital daily, guaranteeing a comfortable standard of living for all family members.

Our Multi Family Office is a combination of investment consulting, financial planning and a wide range of other services, all carefully selected for every individual client depending on their financial needs and other requirements. Whether you are interested in conserving, multiplying or transferring your assets, or any other service, we have an integrated solution to your asset management, including investment and consultancy services.


We aim to be one of the leading Multi Family Offices in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), providing sustainable solutions for wealthy families with complex requirements.

Our goal is to maintain independence and to generate adequate, superior and tailor-made solutions that add value to ambitious family enterprises in any portfolio context.


We offer integrated financial services beyond traditional wealth management. Drawing on our expertise, we help national and international families flourish for generations.

We operate discreetly and provide transparent services to our clients. NRI Family Office offers its families a home for their wealth management concerns.

Our mission is to ensure the successful transition of values and assets from one generation to the next.


Our values guide our action and describe how we act in the best interests of families each day.

– Independence is the key to a balanced advice.
– Risk management is KEY. Every investment case will be thoroughly analysed and questioned to identify potential risks and/or conflicts.
– Transparency is essential to ensure that the right decisions are made.
– Dynamic teamwork delivers sustainable solutions.
– Performance creates value.


We have an extensive network in the finance industry, that we put at our clients’ disposal for efficient and long-term results.


NRI Family Office is a Multi Family Office that helps your family to sustain wealth over generations. Families focusing on both financial – and human capital are in a superior position to preserve their wealth over generations.