Our priority is to build close and personalized relationships with our clients over the long term, in many cases even across several generations of clients.

Clients of NRI will have direct access to our investment professionals, who will provide personalised and proactive investment ideas on all major asset classes. Our professionals will also advise clients on the structure of the portfolio and ensure that portfolio risk stay within the set limits.

We also offer our clients customized ideas on dedicated structured products, to implement or express certain market views.

Our individual investment advice takes the form of a continuous dialogue between clients and our investment advisors.

To us, an effective investment advisory service means taking a comprehensive approach when assessing and advising clients to ensure that their requirements are consistently monitored and met by personalised solutions.

– Analysis of your financial situation is the basis of our investment advices

– Personalised financial and investment proposals through ongoing advices

Portfolio Advisory is an active advisory mandate for managing your assets. We combine our experience and expertise in the areas of financial analysis, portfolio construction, wealth management and personal support to offer a superior service which places you at the centre.

Our pool of clients is partly consisting of international entrepreneurs who expressed specific needs in conjunction with their main profession and/or their retirement plan.


As a consequence, NRI currently offers the following special mandates:


– Analysis of Private Equity Investment
– Fund structuring
– Mergers & Acquisitions

A large proportion of private wealth is held in illiquid or captive form, while only a fraction comprises liquid assets such as marketable securities or cash. Illiquid wealth typically consists of various elements such as equities, real estate holdings, fixed income paper, intellectual property and lifestyle assets.


Private Solutions philosophy:

– Your situation and your requirements: We listen to you and ask the right questions.                               
– We build a team with dedicated specialists in order to meet your needs.
– We take a holistic view of your private wealth. Non-bankable assets do make a difference.
– Our solutions are built on expertise in monetisation, restructuring and execution.